(15/4/1932-9/9/2021)Parliament Former Member General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce former President Chairman of the Board of Directors of ElAraby Group 1964

Mahmoud ElAraby

Mahmoud ElAraby one of the Egyptian economy symbols, born in 1932 in Abu Ruqaba-Menoufia. His father was a farmer. He sent him to learn reading & writing at age of 3 & memorized Qur'an. When he was a child he worked as a salesman in a store. He seemed to have a tendency to trade he sold toys on Eid while saving & giving his brother the profit where he buys stock for him. His brother took him to Cairo & he worked as a salesman in a store.He & his partner then purchased a shop in Al-Moski & started the transition from employee to employer, never forgetting the rights of his partner nor the poor.

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Shahbandar the trader Mahmoud al-Arabi, may Allah have pity on him, began a protracted fight that lasted decades, starting in a small village in the Menoufia governorate, and eventually led him to become one of Egypt's most illustrious businessmen.

  • 1932

    Birth and raising up history

    Mahmoud al-Araby was born on April 15, 1932, in the village of Abu Raqba, which is part of the Eshmun centre in the Menoufia governorate. He joined the village book at a young age and memori..

  • 1964

    Establishment & Launch

    The Arab Empire was established in 1964 when a small stationery store in Cairo's "Moski" neighbourhood opened. In the 1970s, the late Mahmoud Al-Arabi established a small factory for colours..

  • 1980

    Public and political work

    Elaraby was elected as Treasurer of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in 1995 after serving as President of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce from 1980 to 1995. In 1987, he was elected to t..

  • 1982

    The dream of manufacturing.Turns into reality

    Later, in 1982, Al-Araby established its first fan-making facilities in Banha. Through subsequent commercial and industrial openings and expansions, the company went on to become one of the ..

  • 2009

    Medal of the Rising Sun

    Mr. Mahmoud Al-Araby received the medal of the Rising Sun in 2009, a prestigious medal given by His Majesty the Emperor of Japan to people who have distinguished themselves in both Japan and..

  • 2021

    The effect remains

    At the age of 89, Mr. Mahmoud Elaraby transitioned to the Supreme Comrade on Thursday, September 9, 2021, leaving behind a significant legacy of a fragrant biography and timeless values to c..


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